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Boomers look for pathways to wisdom in second half of life

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Pathways to Wisdom with The Boomer and the Babe is a radio show for boomers searching for the “it” in life. The program aired for the first time on Friday, November 7 on KXXT 1010 AM. The 90-minute show starts at 2:30 PM Arizona Time (4:30 Eastern Standard Time).

Is this all there is? There has to be more. Where do I find “it”? What is “it”? Do I even know what I’m looking for? Where do I look? Is it religion, philosophy, spiritual, metaphysical or something else? Is it back to basics mainstream religion or is it some little known alternative religious teachings?

The Boomer Generation has been searching for “it” for decades. At times and for some “it” was drugs, sex and rock and roll. For still others “it” has been the acquisition of money and material possessions. Some have become “born again” and still others never left the traditional practices of the centuries-old organized religions.

On one point there is no argument. Boomers are searching. Matt Thornhill wrote in The Boomer Project Op/Ed published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: “As Boomers get closer to the ‘what’s next’ after life, they will reach out to organized religion or other spiritual forces to get a sense of the ‘grand plan’ as it relates to their world on a very personal basis”.

It’s this searching that we will discuss on our Pathways to Wisdom Show. There are more books, articles, churches, temples, mosques, seminars, teachers, gurus, pastors, ministers and high priests than ever before in our history. In other words plenty of topics for conversation.

We have no intention of endorsing any of these “Pathways to Wisdom,” but rather reporting, questioning and discussing the options.

Keep in mind, “wisdom” does not just pertain to matters of spirit, but peace of mind as well. What gives one peace of mind might include the knowledge that your future is secure as you age; that you have prepared for your declining years whenever they occur. That your family is well. That you are healthy. That you are comfortable in your own skin. How you attain this inner peace is a journey, and we will follow many journeys on “Pathways to Wisdom.”

Join us in these discussions and hopefully some insight might be gained that can help you find your personal pathway to wisdom.

Pete Peters and Deborah Brown
Co-Hosts of the Pathways to Wisdom Show

Because at 50, you’re just getting started.

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The Ethics Game and Getting Back to Basics Offer Help for Business Owners

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Pathways to Wisdom with The Boomer and The Babe ROCKED today! We had two great guests and our conversation was suited to anyone looking for business excellence tools. Marcy Maslov has a great story to tell about her travels and experiences as CFO for Fortune 500 companies in the semiconductor, food and beverage, agriculture and entertainment industries. After 25 years, Marcy left the corporate world and formed her own coaching practice to assist clients in career planning, starting new businesses and ethical enlightenment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Recently, her creative side merged with her strong feeling that ethical enlightenment should be given space to flourish in the workplace and, for that matter, in personal interactions everywhere. This lightning bolt of imagination and innovation caused her to invent The e-Factor Game, an experiential learning platform . . . a role-playing simulation focused on ethics, teambuilding and leadership skills . . . a great game that helps build awareness of the ethical landscape in a given organization. In actuality, this game can help people involved in an organization come into alignment as regards personal and professional standards.

Please note that we usually stream live on UStream for the entire show, but UStream had technical difficulties until about a half hour into the show. Marcy appears in the front end of the video below; the balance of the video is our interview with Chip Lambert of Network 2 Networth. You can listen to the audio portion of the show, which includes Marcy’s entire appearance [click here for audio: Marcy Maslov (about 52 minutes) followed by Chip’s appearance Chip Lambert 11-21-08 (about 37 minutes)].

Chip Lambert offered “cut to the chase” advice for capitalizing on the economic meltdown and moving to the coveted king of the hill position in any given industry. Chip’s simple AND BRILLIANT steps for dominating your industry are so noteworthy, we were actually taking notes during the show! And, oh by the way, if you don’t do what Chip was talking about, you might not be in business when the dust settles, not to mention being king of the hill or not!

Chip is a headliner on the show and always leaves us wanting more. Please call him for more information about his timely and very valuable consulting and coaching (and make sure you let him know you heard about him from The Boomer and The Babe).

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Matt Bunk and David Livingston talk laws and money for boomers

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Matt Bunk, managing editor of Arizona Capitol Times and David Livingston of Ameriprise Financial were the guests for our second episode of Pathways to Wisdom with The Boomer and The Babe. Matt’s 45 minutes provides insight into the recent election: how the national election affects local politics; people and propositions that prevailed (or not) and the ramifications; and what the GOP might look like going forward. Can anyone say pathway to wisdom?

David Livingston, a national senior advisor with Ameriprise Financial provides a thoughtful look at the financial climate we’re experiencing: the financial meltdown; the various bail outs and efficacy of same; and some promising talk about this being a great time to BUY in the stock market.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Pathways to Wisdom Inaugural Show

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Our first Pathways to Wisdom Show featured three of our favorite guests. Melle Amade of Festival of the Wise gave an update of the December 6, 7 Boomer event coming to Scottsdale; Suzette Brown discussed taking the leap to business ownership and her own services for legal document preparation; and David Isaac gave amazing information about working with and through limiting self-talk and beliefs to achieve one’s highest and best self. Enjoy!

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