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Nancy Phleger Discusses Laws and Regulations Businesses Must Know and Practice

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Laws are going to be in effect come November 1, 2008 that every employer will need to understand. The laws relate to protecting the private information of customers and clients. That could mean as little as proper shredding techniques and locked cabinets all the way to . . . who knows?! To let you know how serious it is, Costco sent a letter to its 700 or so vendors advising them that if they aren’t FACTA compliant, they’re off the list. Did I say FACTA? Do you know about FACTA?

Nancy Phleger is a Small Business and Group Benefits Specialist with Pre-Paid Legal. She has been with the company for 10 years. She is also a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) and trains professionals to understand and address Identity Theft and related fraud. The comprehensive CITRMS course addresses risks and issues for consumers, employees, and businesses / professional practices. The course is available to many professionals, including areas of insurance, finance, legal, law enforcement and others.

Nancy can be reached at 623-486-0375 (office) or 623-261-9242 (cell) or at

Nancy’s discussion with us is about what companies need to know about FACTA Red Flag Rules, requirements and possible penalties. Listen here: sep-23-nancy-phleger (takes a minute or so to load, so don’t go away!).

running time: 28 minutes

The Boomer and The Babe – getting our boomer on and Always FACTA compliant!

Because at 50, you’re just getting started!

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Chip Lambert Describes Best Practices for Managing Online Identity

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Chip Lambert, owner of Network 2 Networth, is a recognized thought leader in the realm of social media and managing one’s online identity. Ever wondered how your name floats to the top in a Google search? Chip has the skinny on that. Ever been concerned about what’s being said about you and published in various places you may not even be aware of? Chip has insight on that as well.

Chip tells us to be absolutely in charge of telling our own story, because it’s being told one way or the other. Also, know your market . . . know your message . . . know the issues that are important to your audience. Once you are armed with that valuable information, you can effectively manage your social media properties (your website, blog, Linked In profile, Twitter feed, Facebook profile and more).

The conversation with Chip was fabulous as always. Friends who listened to the show have already emailed to let us know they learned some great stuff! Listen here and see for yourself.

running time: 24 minutes

Pete Peters and Deborah Brown
The Boomer and the Babe Show

At 50, you’re just getting started!

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Is Sugar Going to Kill Me?

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I just had a bowl of cereal and put so much sugar on it, I’m glad no one was watching! I am worried enough about it to mention it here, but probably should really think about changing my ways soon. If Drs. Don Underwood and Jennifer Gentry Calvo were here, I think I’d have some explaining to do!

The topic of sugar being way too prevalent in our food supply was but one of the health issues we discussed when they were on our show. Apparently we consume about 4-5 pounds of sugar a week — that’s before you put extra sugar on the cereal, mind you!

The good doctors spent an hour with us and described the various modalities they employ to support good health in as natural a way as possible. Dr. Don also discussed the weight-loss protocol he is using that is producing excellent results for men and women alike. Dr. Jennifer, who specializes in women’s health and wellness, highlighted her community talks on issues like menopause, chronic fatigue and thyroid problems.

Doctors, best wishes on the occasion of your first anniversary (last month)! You are welcome on the show again to talk about boomer health and quality of life. I look forward to a discussion around something we said in this show about the processed foods we eat and the toxic cleaning supplies we use: “New and improved is not necessarily good for you!”

Listen to the show here.

running time: 47.5 minutes

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I Hoped I Heard It Wrong

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We were at the typical networking event. You know the one where people mill around a little, saying hello to their friends, sitting with the same people every week, having a little continental breakfast and generally not much more.

I’m sure you’ve been there. Wondering WHY you are there. God forbid you try to talk business with anyone; you are looked at like you’re a pariah. How dare you try to solicit business or set an appointment or get to know someone new at a networking group?

But then the moment of truth arrives, the 30-second commercial. You listen intently in an attempt to learn something new about someone’s business.

One after another they rise to pass along the exciting news about the new line they have taken on, the new offer or special they are running. We are looking for something, anything that we the assembled masses could take away with us and pass along to others.

At least I thought that was part of networking, you know, spreading the word about something new that you heard about so all can benefit.

We waited, and we waited and then we waited some more.

“My name is Bill, my company is Bill’s Plumbing, when your toilet backs up think of me”.

“My name is Sally. I own Sally’s Shoes. We give you a good understanding (cute eh?). Visit us so you can have a good understanding too”.

You see, we really were listening, waiting for that morsel, looking for an opportunity to talk to someone that has a clue. Maybe meet someone interesting who could be a  guest on the Boomer and the Babe Show.

Then it happened. As we neared the end of the 30-second commercials a perfectly lovely person rose to give the 30-second commercial for her business.

Hi, my name is Bertha. I work for Golden Garden Retirement Home. I’m looking for people 62 years old that are ready to retire and that might want to come and take a look at our facility. I’ll be glad to give you a tour and buy you lunch.

HOLY CRAP !!!!!! Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Sixty-two and retire to Golden Garden, is she serious?

Bertha continued. “At Golden Garden we have movies every Wednesday at 3 PM so our clients don’t have to stay up too late”. “We have a shuttle that can take you to the store or to your doctor appointment”. “We have any number of assorted group activities for our residents”. “We have entertainers that come in and give us little concerts, accordion players, singers, poetry readings, all as part of our resident package”.

I repeat. “HOLY CRAP !!!!! AT SIXTY-TWO ?”

At 61 I MIGHT consider showing my 85-year-young mother that place provided she doesn’t kick me in the can for suggesting it, but me when I am 62? Someone has a real disconnect here.

Bertha my dear, you need to listen to the Boomer and the Babe Show and so does your boss. What have we been saying for these many months about the Baby Boomers? We’re reinventing ourselves at a time when you’re saying we should move in to Golden Garden.

This raises an interesting point. We have said right along that no one knows Boomers better than Boomers. Bertha is no Boomer. But what is surprising is that Bertha is beyond Boomerdom.

She obviously is marketing either the way she knows best (because in her day retirement started at 62 to 65) or she is taking direction from someone that has no clue. Knowing Bertha it’s probably the latter. I am quite certain that there are no people living at Golden Garden that are 62 unless they have some special ambulatory concerns.

So, what’s the point of this rambling? I think it’s twofold.

1) When you are giving your 30-second commercial, make sure it catches someone’s attention for the right reason.

2) If you are trying to market to the boomers, make sure you understand the demographic. Don’t say something that will make you look uninformed.

Here is the key thought to remember about Boomers; at 50 they’re just getting started.

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